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UnWanted Anime Couples Community

Anime Couples Who Should have Could have Been

Unwanted Anime Couples that Need Love
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Welcome one and all to Unwanted couples! This community is for couples that didn’t end up working out in a favorite manga of yours and you want to express how they should last through the ages. This is both A fanfiction and rp community. You pick a couple that you think is absoulutly needed and the manga creator just woke up on the wrong side of the bed the day she decided who ended up with who and you write fanfic for them. Then you pick ONE person from that couple and you rp them. In the rp your Character could end up with anyone but the fanfic is so your uunwanted couple is wanted and the two people end up together no matter what.

Story line (for rp)

A huge all girls school has now merged with an all boys school. Now all the girls are over the boys in a flash! Some boys may approve and others might not. We’ll see how things vwork oiut in this crazy world called high school.


Gotta have rules to keep people sane XD
1. No being mean to other members, no one sucks, so no name calling.

2. you must pick both a couple and a single character, unless you tell me a good reason why you can’t have both.

3. all ratings on the fanfic are allowed.

4. you must always love my ideas, Just Kidding!!!

5. you can always submits graphics about unwanted couples whenever you want

6. you can always have more than one couple

7. I love ideas so please tell me any ideas that may come to you.
8. if anyone has any couples they have, which I bet you guys will, that I haven’t listed then tell me and I’ll list them.

9. Me= not a picky person so I will bend these rules all the time except for rule 1


Those couples that are taken are in red! Please post to claim yours ^_^

Natsumi and Ban- the Getbackers - bizzi_izzy
Orpher and Lycoris-Orphen
Ishtar and Seiliez- Vampire Game
Ishtar and Duzie-Vampire game - azure_chan
Ishtar and Vord- Vampire Game
Falan and Vord- Vampire game.
Ishtar and Yujinn- Vampire Game
Falan and Illsaide- Vampire Game.
Leene and Yujinn- Vampire Game
Selen and Darres- Vampire Game (I thought it was fair but I still need Selen to die in a hole if she takes Darres from Ishtar, I wonder if I’m allowed to use Darres and Ishtar as a couple???)
Lailis and Duzzel- Vampire game
Himeno and Go - Pretear
Himeno and Sasame- Pretear
Hanabi and Tokihisa- Happy Hustle High
Hanabi and Yoshitomo- Happy Hustle High (hate this couple, I must stop being fair!)
Hanabi and Take- Happy Hustle High
Hatsumi and Shinogu - Hot Gimmick - rem_kitty
Hatsumi and Azusa- Hot Gimmick
Jae and Ken-Model
Miaka and Hotohori- Fushigi yugi - tamakins8604
Miake and Tasuki - Fushigi Yugi - tamakins8604
Tamahome and Yui - Fushigi Yugi

Yuhi and Aya - Ayashi no Ceres - auroradreamaker

Miki and Kei - Marmalade Boy
Miki and Michael- Marmalade Boy
Seiya and Usagi- Sailor Moon Sailor Stars- satunian
Diamond and Serena - Sailor Moon R

Leave Me A Comment To Add More ^_^

Individul Charaters Taken

Natsumi - bizzi_izzy

Hatsumi-chan from hot gimmick - remkitty

Duzzel from Vampire Game -azure_chan

Terry - da_spida

Miaka, Hotohori and Tasuki - tamakins8604

Support Art ^_^

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