{Terry Bogard | Chapter 1 - The Beginning}

Heh, sorry I hadn't post anything new yet. I was in the middle of finishing my LJ layout. Anyway I'm done now and I'm ready to go!

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Well I had to call in sick on my first two weeks of school. Good grief it'll be harder to get future jobs if a stomach virus hits me every single time. Well, looks like I made it to my first work day at Moonlight High School. My occupation is a gym teacher. Though it shall be martial arts taught and not gym only teachings. Students will still acquire the respected credit for the class.

Minutes before school started I explored the facility and laid out my lesson plains. Everything looks promising. Time to go to work.

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TERRY: (I hope the kids don't think I'm a student myself being that I'm so young.)*Whistles*

RANDOM CHARACTER: Hey there Terry! Hope you do well on your first day. Image hosting by Photobucket

TERRY: Yo! (Sheesh how does she know my name?? It's scary.)

CROWD: Hi Terry!!!!

TERRY: Hey there... (Maybe the people here are just overly friendly.)

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hey, I'm almost ready to get started(OOC)

I'm working on my intro for this community, but I'm not done with it yet, it's still in the makings. I just have a few questions I'd like to ask.

One, when I tell the story, should I write in the first person singular point of view (I, me, mine) or the third person (He, she, him, her)?

also, I claimed the couple Seiya and Usagi, and I have intoductions for both of them so I was wondering, could I write for both of them, each one getting a different point of view?
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Natsumi Woke up the next day Chipper as ever. She looked at the clock to see it was 6:03 two hours before school started. Natsumi showered, threw on her uniform and rushed down the street to Duzzel's house. she couldnt wait to see him at school, and knowing Duzzel if she didnt get him out of bed npw, he would be late for sure. Natsumi started to throw stones at Duzzel's window whispering his name. Once she saw his head come out of the window she smiled. "Let me in." She whispered.

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((Ok, I'm gonna try. This got to be a bit longer than I expected it to be.))

Duzzel laid out his uniform for tomorrow on his bed, his long silver hair fluttering in the wind from the window he had left open. Tomorrow would bring many changes for him. It would be the first time he would be going to a coed school. Before now, his parents had always placed him in the upstanding all boys’ schools that he had to board at because they were farther than a daily commute would allow. He had never liked them much, though the teaching was wonderful and he always had full scholarships because of his good grades. He'd actually never had a problem being there until a few years ago. He doesn't like them anymore because the first day every year, he now gets hit on simply because he had long hair and looked pretty. Well, he put them in their place fast enough and the rest of the year was fine, until the next year when new students would come in and the process would start all over again. He couldn’t help it if he had a pretty face and he liked his hair to be long. Well, after the last fight, his parents had thankfully decided that a coed school might be better for him, and so when the schools merged, his parents kept him there. It was about time.

Duzzel was looking forward to going to school tomorrow for another reason. Duzzel already knew someone at the school. Her name was Nastumi and she was a childhood friend that would play with him during vacations when they were little, even though she was a year older. The two were practically inseparable until Duzzel had to go away to school again. Though they had grown into teenagers, the friendship between them remained. She was nice and always made the space around him feel livelier. She never seemed to mind his quietness either, which he greatly appreciated.

A knock sounded at his door and Duzzel turned to face his mother. “Duzzel, dinner is ready.”

“I’ll be right there.” He answered and his mother went back to the dining room. Duzzel was about to leave his room, when he felt another breeze through the window, which was accompanied by a light thud. Duzzel turned around to see his black cat, Ishtar looking up at him form where she had landed on the floor. Duzzel closed the window and bent down to pet her. “I don’t know what trouble you made while out, but I won’t be blamed for it.” Ishtar’s only response was to purr and look innocently up at Duzzel, who did not buy the act. Duzzel rose to his feet and went to eat dinner.


Duzzel is 16 with long silver hair and red eyes. He is tall and thin, but he is strong in the way only thin men can be (how the hell do they do this?). His fav color is black and his fav animal is the cat, though if you asked him about it, he would say he hates cats for all the trouble Ishtar gives him. His parents both live with him and work very hard. His father is a successful businessman and his mother works in a shop that sells kimonos and other traditional attire. You’ll never see any hugs or warmth between them, but the love is there and strong and if you happen to witness it, it will leave you surprised.

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Natsumi was really excited to hear about the two single sex schools merging together. She knew a few people from the boy's shcool and couldn't wait to see them everyday. she was definatly looking forward To seeing her good friend Duzzel everyday. Duzzel was very quiet, but he protected Natsumi whenever she was in a tight spot. She liked Duzzel and admired him for his bravery.

Natsumi is 17years old. she has long jet black hair, fave color is pink, fave animal is a kitty, her mother is dead and ahe now lives alone in an appartment. (some of this isnt true to the character.)

Natsumi headed to her first class hoping to make new friends and maybe even get a boyfriend this your, who knew what this year had in store.

Good Luck!

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Wolves travel in packs, but I travel alone. My name is Terry Bogard. My people reffer to me as the legendary lone wolf. I was born on March 15th my birthplace is USA. My height is 6'0" my weight is 170 Ibs. My blood type is "O". For hobbies I like to play video games and basketball. My favorite meal is my good friend Rock's custom-made clubhouse sandwich. As for personal treasures, I consider my fathers (Jeff Bogard's) fighting gloves as a keepsake.

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Greetings again I am da_spida! (^_^) Someone requested that I do a more indepth introduction of myself, and as always Da Spida never disappoints. I'm just a fanboy of everything fun! Toys, video games, cartoons, anime, boards games, comicbooks. The usual seen. I'm quiet immature and a little sensitive for a guy. It's a habbit of mine I'm trying to break. My favorite colors are black & blue.

My hobby's are sleeping, martial arts, gaming, and drawing. I have dreams to become a great comicbook artist someday and start my own business. Hehe alllrighhhhhhhht... It's fun being me. One of the reasons why I've chosen this community is I'm a big fan of crossovers and fanfics. This community is the perfect outlet for that. You'll also notice one of my greatest weaknesses is my self-inflated ego. (XD) Also I put a greeting pic on all of my LJ entry's no matter what community it is. It's kinda my signature. That is all it is. Just a greeting it has nothing to do with the entry. (XD) If you wanna know like other stuff about me I welcome you to have a look around in my LJ. (^_^)

My favorite anime is Sailor Moon. It also happens to be my favorite cartoon of all time. I love Sailor V, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and all the rest of those pretty soldiers. (^_^) Main reason why I like it is because it is one of the only female super hero animes with an E rating. Not only that she's a popular girl anime at that, in other words Sailor Moon is to Japan what Wonder Woman is to America. I also have an undying interest for other animes. Like Ninja Scroll, Fist Of The North Star, Samurai X, Akira, Inuyasha, Naruto, Sonic X and other popular titles...

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Hi! I'm the new guy my name is da_spida and I'm excited to be a part of this community. (^_^) It's great that such a community exist. Anyway I would like to state this. In Sailor Moon. It's about the final episode. Usagi & Seiya... End of story. (XD) Yeah I think that woulda made a cooler ending. Anyway I'm also looking for some new friends who are into anime. So if you want to, simply say the words and add me to your friends list and of course I'll add you back. (^_^)
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Hi I'm the Person who created this comunity and now were gonna get this thing started! I' 14 years old and I live in the US in the state of Arizona. My favorite color is pink, my fave anime is The getbackerrs and Chrono Crusade. My Fave mangas are Fruits Basktet, all the Yuu Watase works, and Model.

And now for my Couple information. I'm Taking The part of Natsumi and Ban from the Getbackers. I'm going to Rp as Natsumi and i hope we all have fun.

When you post you mut somehow indicate wether its a rp or Fanfic post. here's how things will work
and now how we're going to get started.
Either I or Tamakins will start the rp in this journal, and then you just go from there. jump in anywhere and have fun and post new post whenever.

you just write a story containing your couple and if you want other people from that manga they can appear too. but in the end or throught out your fanfic your couple will always end up together.

have fun and enjoy everything should start soon!