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On her way home from school she see's the same guy that she saw that morning..*why does it seem like I've seen him before?* She trys to Inore him as she keeps walking home. I guess meeting Natsumi was the best part of the day it wasnt as lonley as the other days were.  When she gets home her mother askes how her day was and she always says it was fine. She goes up to her room and starts on her homework....but her mind goes back to the school day and her new friend and as always after that it drifts back to Inuyasha and how he broke her heart.  Back when it first happend and they found out that Kikyo wasnt dead after all and after Naraku was dead after all they been thru he went back...She would cry herself to sleep because she gave her all to him but he gave nothing back.....nothing. 


Im sorry Kagome but this wont work out..I want to be with Kikyo Ive always loved her.  But....Inu..yasha I love you so much how can you do this to me?  answer me INUYASHA  please. *tears streaming doen her face*.  I already told you I dont feel the same way about you and I never well *yells Inuyasha*. *Kagome stares in shock as Inuyasha and Kikyo walk away leaving her alone* 

*End Dream*


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