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{Terry Bogard | Chapter 4 - Tragedy At Moonlight High}

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy Introduction

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It's been about 4 days since Mai and I had that awkward moment in the bathroom. Ever since then she's been mad and won't speak to me. I often tried to explain but she just turns her head and gives me the cold shoulder. This is a mess. I tried calling Andy but got no response! I did remember him saying he was going on a trip abroad but he should have gotten there by now and at-least tried to call me back. Maybe he's mad at me too. I'm gonna try to salvage me and Mai's mutual respect for each other. If I can't get that back then I am afraid we might be over as friends. (._.)


MAI: What's the matter Terry? Can't even look at me without some kind of perverted thought going threw your head?

TERRY: Mai. Hey.

MAI: Hmph!

TERRY: Hey come on, I said I was sorry. I know that you and Andy are an item.

MAI: The fact that you saw me nude is unforgivable! *turns her back to him*

TERRY: I just wanted to apologize.

MAI: No need. You were drooling like a dog when you saw me. So I smacked you in the face because you shouldn't have looked! I don't need your empty apology's.

TERRY: I was not drooling like a dog! I was in shock because I thought the room was empty. Did you have to smack me with your fan that day? Ouch... my jaw is still sore. *Holds Mouth* You know I didn't deserve that.


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MAI: Yes you did Terry! I can't believe you! *Turns Around And Looks At Him* I thought you were better then this! *Runs Away*

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TERRY: Mai wait!!!

*MAI Exits*

TERRY: Shoot!
I knew she wouldn't make this easy for me. All I want to do is make things right between us. She's letting that Shiranui temper get in the way of her feelings again. I wish that day never happened. Gees, now I know what Andy has to put up with.


Terry returns to his gym quarters to find a black envelope lying on his desk with a white stamp on it that reads anonymous.

TERRY: Huh... I wonder who it's from... Did some one...? *Picks Up The Envelope To Open It, Then Proceeds To Read The Letter* >GASP< NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Andy is dead... no not Andy he is the only family I have... ANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Andy... Andy... *Cries*

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Natsumi was heading to her first class when she saw Terry leaning against the wall. she ran over to him.. she looked worried and she rested a hand on his back.
"Terry...Terry are you okay?" she asked puffing.
TERRY: Oh hey... Image hosting by Photobucket Natsumi what is the point of a life? You live basically and no matter how lame a life is, or how great it is you still die. I'm alone and I will remain alone. My brother, the only family I had just passed away. The cause of death is unknown. I don't much feel like teaching anymore.
Natsumi Gasped and hugged Terry. "I'm so so sorry." she said. she thought for a minute. "The point of life is to have as much fun as you can, never give up, and never regret. Keep living Terry, for your brother kay?" she said smiling at him hoping to cheer him up
TERRY: *Looks At Natsumi* Thanks Natsumi. If it weren't for you I might have committed suicide. But your good heart and kind words has given me a new reason to keep living.
Natsumi blushed. "T-Terry don't think about killing yourself, you'll bee okay. If you ever need anything I'm the girl to call!" she smiled and winked.
TERRY: Okay. Again thanks for being there for me. Your a sweetheart. I'll scout ahead now and find some clues so I can piece together my brothers cause of death.
Natsumi nodded. "Again If i can help in any way give me a call." and she walked off towards her next class for the bell had rung
That was just too fun.