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{Terry Bogard | Chapter 4 - Tragedy At Moonlight High}

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy Introduction

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It's been about 4 days since Mai and I had that awkward moment in the bathroom. Ever since then she's been mad and won't speak to me. I often tried to explain but she just turns her head and gives me the cold shoulder. This is a mess. I tried calling Andy but got no response! I did remember him saying he was going on a trip abroad but he should have gotten there by now and at-least tried to call me back. Maybe he's mad at me too. I'm gonna try to salvage me and Mai's mutual respect for each other. If I can't get that back then I am afraid we might be over as friends. (._.)


MAI: What's the matter Terry? Can't even look at me without some kind of perverted thought going threw your head?

TERRY: Mai. Hey.

MAI: Hmph!

TERRY: Hey come on, I said I was sorry. I know that you and Andy are an item.

MAI: The fact that you saw me nude is unforgivable! *turns her back to him*

TERRY: I just wanted to apologize.

MAI: No need. You were drooling like a dog when you saw me. So I smacked you in the face because you shouldn't have looked! I don't need your empty apology's.

TERRY: I was not drooling like a dog! I was in shock because I thought the room was empty. Did you have to smack me with your fan that day? Ouch... my jaw is still sore. *Holds Mouth* You know I didn't deserve that.


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MAI: Yes you did Terry! I can't believe you! *Turns Around And Looks At Him* I thought you were better then this! *Runs Away*

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TERRY: Mai wait!!!

*MAI Exits*

TERRY: Shoot!
I knew she wouldn't make this easy for me. All I want to do is make things right between us. She's letting that Shiranui temper get in the way of her feelings again. I wish that day never happened. Gees, now I know what Andy has to put up with.


Terry returns to his gym quarters to find a black envelope lying on his desk with a white stamp on it that reads anonymous.

TERRY: Huh... I wonder who it's from... Did some one...? *Picks Up The Envelope To Open It, Then Proceeds To Read The Letter* >GASP< NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Andy is dead... no not Andy he is the only family I have... ANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Andy... Andy... *Cries*

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