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{Terry Bogard | Chapter 3 - Departure}

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy Introduction

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Yesterday I had finished a class without any problems. Despite the students behavior they showed excellent progress and a willing-ness to learn. I wonder what today has in store for me? Stick around, find out, and watch what happens. (^_^)


MAI: Thanks for walking me to school Andy. Image hosting by Photobucket How unlike you to be a gentlemen. *giggles*

ANDY: Thanks, I think. Oh brother... (u.u)

MAI: See and you were gonna leave yesterday I'm glad I could convince you to stay.

ANDY: Yeah! No thanks to you for forcing me to go shopping with you Yesterday, I missed my flight.
(>() Lucky they weren't booked solid. I can catch the next plane out of here this afternoon.

Image hosting by Photobucket
MAI: OH rats! *Snaps Fingers*
Think Fast Mai...

ANDY: Something tells me you held me back yesterday on purpose.

MAI: Don't let your ego suck more fat into that big head of yours! I would never do such a thing! Fine get on your precious flight. Image hosting by Photobucket

There goes that Shiranui temper of hers again. Mai I'm... Image hosting by Photobucket

MAI: Sorry? Apology accepted. Now you will stay with me today to make up for ruining my good mood.

ANDY: Mai you know I can't do that. But I'll tell you what. If it will get you off my back, I will bring you back a souvenir from the trip. Kay?

MAI: Oh my lover boy is bringing me back an expensive gift! Bye now have fun on your trip!

ANDY: *Sighs* k' bye.

MAI: Wait a minute I didn't give you your going away present yet.

ANDY: Wha-wha!?! Now don't get any idea's now... Mai get that devious look out of your eyes your scaring me! Why are you all close like that knock it off! Cut it out!

MAI: I had been saving it for before you left. I wanted to make shore you'd never forget me. Surprise!

ANDY: ARRRRRGH!!! Image hosting by Photobucket *Nose Bleed*-Wah!-*Heart Attack*-Uh... *Faints*

MAI: OMG! Andy! *Puts Clothes Back On* Are you okay?

ANDY: What are you trying to do to me women!?!?! Are you trying to kill me!!! You know I can't handle that type of stress! You've immorally scarred me for life!!

MAI: That was my intent Andy boy! To get the thought of my body in your head. Wahoo, Alright! I'm number one! *Does Her Mai Shiranui Pose*

ANDY: *Sighs* Will pretend this never happened... going now!

MAI: Bye Andy! Image hosting by Photobucket He's such a man. But even he couldn't resist the ol' Shiranui charm. Welp time to get changed into my school clothes. I'll use the locker room.


MAI: Hm that's odd there are no labels saying whether or not this is the boys room or the girls room. Hmph! No matter a ninja's strength is her quickness. I'll just change into my school outfit and be out of here before you can say "Ryu Imbu!" Tee hee...

Image hosting by Photobucket
TERRY: Class dismissed. WOO! That was an actioned packed session!

IMHOTEP: Dat' was nothing mon, you teach me an african art right now!

KASUMI: *Huff-Puff* Food... need... vaccine... a girl shouldn't be doing this to keep her good grades.

TONY: OBOY! Terry I wanna stay! Teach me how to do a power move!

TERRY: Nope. Afraid that's it for the day kids. Go to class and do some real work.
While I go try out the steam room for some down time.


Thinking the gym was abandoned after dismissal, Terry heads straight to the bathroom where the steam room is. Coincidentally where Mai Shiranui is presently getting undressed inside.

TERRY: *Gets Undressed On One Side Of The Door*

MAI: *Getting Dressed On The Other Side Of The Door*

TERRY: *Opens The Door And Enters The Room Completely Nude Not Knowing That Mai Is Also In there Nude*
Ahh now to let on some steam...

MAI: Image hosting by Photobucket

TERRY: Image hosting by Photobucket

To Be Continued...

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