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The first part of My part of the RP ^_^.....

7:30 am *alarm rings*

Kagome slams her hand on the snooze button...~I do not want to start this new school today she thinks.... I can't believe Mom and grandpa made me and Sota leave Tokyo and go to a place we don't even know to a school that has just combined boys and girls for the frist time but one thing I'm happy that we found the shard's of the Jewel and that I don't have to see that horrible Inuyasha again~. Slowly she gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom to get ready for a long day. Later she slowly walks down stairs where her mom, grandpa and Sota are eating breakfast. You want some breakfast askes her mother....No thank you replays Kagome. as she grabs her books and walks out the door.  She walks as slow as she can because she left so early she starts to think about Inuyasha and how she loved him so much it hurts because she knew that he didn't love her back. And now she'll never see him again ~well i ever love someone as much as  Inuyasha. Kids probably  from her school run past her as she walks she misses all her friends,now that she's 16 its hard to make new friends. Being with Inuyasha and the group changed her its hard for now to trust new people but shes never had any trouble trusting them before.  She gets to the school and theres 2 minites to the bell she stands there looking over her new school not wanting to move, She see a guy staring at her from across the way. She turns away fast and walks into the school looking straight ahead so she doesn't capture his gaze again...

~Sorry that its short but that's it so far~

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