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{Terry Bogard | Chapter 2 - The Joys Of Being A Teacher}

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It's about that time. Schools in session. I only hope I can be as great a teacher as my old master. Heh, me teaching martial arts? Maybe I should learn to do more thinking and less acting on things...


STUDENTS: *Chit-Chat*

TERRY: Attention please, I need to have everyones attention! First off I'd like to welcome you all to...

STUDENTS: *More Chit-Chat*

Okay I see I'm gonna have to go all out here! *Points To A Girl* Say is that Naru Narusegawa I see?

ALL THE BOYS: *Stop Talking* WHERE!?! *All The Boys Sprang Out Of Their Seats*

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TERRY: Sure. You look cute enough to be a Naru Narusegawa. Your quite the lady aren't you? I don't think I met anyone as lovely as you are miss?

SOME GIRL: Kasumi. (*._.*) (Shy.)
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TERRY: Kasumi ya know I used to know someone named Kasumi she was a fighter, and a brilliant strategist, who based most of her moves on opening her opponents up for a unique type of counter. She was one of the best at her craft. So far you two seem to share that same trait. She beats up her opponents and you make my heart beat rapidly without landing a single punch.

SOME GIRL: Oh MY hehe... *Face Turns Red*

BOY STUDENTS: Who IS this guy?

GIRL STUDENT1: He's some type of player.

GIRL STUDENT2: What a pervert! I wouldn't want him as my teacher.


TERRY: Hey now... (*^_^) BTW thanks Kasumi for helping me in this exercise to get everyones attention. You have my gratitude. Image hosting by Photobucket

SOME GIRL (NOW KNOWN AS KASUMI): H-hai. *Nervous Wreck*

TERRY: Welcome to class everyone. I'm...

SOME BOY: Hey, I know you! YOUR TERRY BOGARD! The legendary wolf! You beat Krauser! Wo I'm like your biggest fan!

That voice. That annoying rant. Tony? What the Hell..!? Tony was a some kid I met on the street awhile ago, he only has a single parent in his mother, which he waits on hand and foot. His Dad died in a fight. I think because my father had died while HE was fighting as well, This Tony kid must think we can share one another's pain. I don't want any part of that but anyway.. He often gets picked on because he separates himself from the normal kids. I feel for the little guy. But his sorrowful past doesn't make up for his constant following me around every where I go. It's irritating! He once followed me from Southtown into another city without me knowing! Yeah so he was pretty much stalking me! All because he wants to learn the same style I used to defeat my previous enemys, that being Geese Howard & Wolfgang Krauser. Tony was actually present when I fought Krauser. So Tony you came to be here in PE class?


BOY STUDENT1: Aw shizzle! I thought this was math class! I gost to go before they fail me for being late!

GIRL STUDENT1: I gotta get going to ninja cooking class! Oh no, I forgot my cook book!

TERRY: Now everyone calm down!

STUDENTS: *All Except 3 Students Exit The gym room*

Aw well they're gonna all eventually comeback here anyway. This is the only PE class in the whole school right now. *Looks Towards Tony & The Other Two Students* Alright introduce yourselves and say why your here.
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TONY: HEYYY EVERYBODY I'M TONY!!! Um, Terry sir if it's okay I'd like to be your disciple!

TERRY: WHAT!? Still training myself kid. I told you last time when you asked me that question.

TONY: Sorry... (._.)

KASUMI: Hullo! I'm still here. My name is Kasumi Mizuno age 13, class B. I'm here because I like to jump rope! I also like to do jumping jacks!

TERRY: (*^_^)
So she's a frog okay. Now for you kid what's your name and why are you here?

IMHOTEP: Jumbo! Black power! I am Imhotep. The man in which my parents named me after. That being Imhotep, he was a great healer who built the first step pyramid. Not some cheap bastard who took a pss on the guys name from the Mummy. He shoulda used the funds he received from the movie to buy himself some hair, his head looked like a q-ball! Imhotep was black dammit! Black! He's not skinny and ugly like the other guy!

TERRY: Political AND aggressive I like that! Okay now listen up all of you! This class will be your new PE starting today. You will be rewarded with a PE credit for your participation. However there is a catch instead of only doing gym activity you will participate in martial arts training. It is all in your student manual's. Um... Somewhere in page 777 the middle of the 999 page book, small print. I'll want all of you to do your best. So any q's? Any questions?

KASUMI: *gasp* OH DEAR! (._.) (Shy.)

TONY: Yessir! I'd be glad to be a student of the great Terry Bogard! Image hosting by Photobucket

IMHOTEP: Teach me a black martial art! No, black was just some term given to us! I am afrikan! Teach me an afrikan martial art! Afrikan spelled with a k' not a c' because that is the correct way of spelling it.

I got some real characters on my hands here. One seems too shy to learn anything, the other is some annoying brat who prances around me like I'm some American idol! And the 3rd one, I'm not shore if I can teach him anything, since he seems to know pretty much everything! He's the type that will notice if I make a mistake and he'd call me out on it! Hmm... So this is the life of a teacher? How stressful. Hah this should be fun.
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