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{Terry Bogard | Chapter 1 - The Beginning}

Heh, sorry I hadn't post anything new yet. I was in the middle of finishing my LJ layout. Anyway I'm done now and I'm ready to go!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy Introduction

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Well I had to call in sick on my first two weeks of school. Good grief it'll be harder to get future jobs if a stomach virus hits me every single time. Well, looks like I made it to my first work day at Moonlight High School. My occupation is a gym teacher. Though it shall be martial arts taught and not gym only teachings. Students will still acquire the respected credit for the class.

Minutes before school started I explored the facility and laid out my lesson plains. Everything looks promising. Time to go to work.

Image hosting by Photobucket


TERRY: (I hope the kids don't think I'm a student myself being that I'm so young.)*Whistles*

RANDOM CHARACTER: Hey there Terry! Hope you do well on your first day. Image hosting by Photobucket

TERRY: Yo! (Sheesh how does she know my name?? It's scary.)

CROWD: Hi Terry!!!!

TERRY: Hey there... (Maybe the people here are just overly friendly.)


Image hosting by Photobucket
TERRY: *Sighs* who's ever here before me forgot to clean out their desk. Man I gotta alot on my plate...

Image hosting by Photobucket
ANDY: HAH! *Throws a punch*

TERRY: *Catches the punch* WO! Andy!

Image hosting by Photobucket
ANDY: Terry heh, it's been a long time.

Image hosting by Photobucket
TERRY: Yeah, strong as ever I see.

ANDY: Terry when the time comes I will beat you.

TERRY: WO, WO, easy there Andy here is not the time or the place for that. (^_^*) But don't worry you'll get your rematch.

ANDY: Hmph! Image hosting by Photobucket *Grinning*

Image hosting by Photobucket
MAI: NICE PUNCH ANDY! *Grabs Andy's arm*

TERRY: *Gasp*

MAI: Oh hello Terry! Image hosting by Photobucket

TERRY: Been along time Mai. Guess this means the gangs all here with the exception of Joe Higashi.

ANDY: You know how he is.

TERRY: You would know better then either of us Andy being that you and Joe competed in the same fight circles. Joe shore gave you a run for your money. Did you ever pay that hospital bill for breaking his ribs that time? *says jokingly*

ANDY: I'm gonna tell Joe you said that Terry. Image hosting by Photobucket

TERRY: H-hey now... I didn't mean it that way. Though it would be kinda cool to spar with em'. Ya know just to check em' out see how his skills improved.

MAI: Oh you two. Image hosting by Photobucket Oh, wait a minute Terry why are you here?

TERRY: Eh? Well yeah I'm sorta the gym teacher. *scratches head*



ANDY: Brother what ARE you saying? Your a wolf!? Terry Bogard the legendary wolf can't be a gym teacher!?!! *Grabs Terry's shirts* Please brother!

TERRY: Actually I'm doing this to earn some funds for lounging and food. (*^_^) I ran outta idea's so this was it besides, it's a martial arts class this is how the students get gym in this school.

MAI: *Sigh* It's always like Terry to unconsciously do things for others while not doing things for himself.

ANDY: If you ask me Mai I think he's alittle TOO helpful.

TERRY: Image hosting by Photobucket OH, what are you guys doin' here?

MAI: I'm here as a student to attend their ninja cooking class I wanna be able to make Andy a chocolate parfait.

ANDY: Can we please not talk about this? Owe... *embarrassed*

Image hosting by Photobucket
MAI: He's so cute when he's blushing. I can't wait to have his child.

ANDY: CHILD!? *Nose bleed*

MAI: *Giggles*

TERRY: (*^_^) BTW Andy why are you here?

ANDY: I'm not, I'm just dropping Mai off for today. But afterwords I'll be going over see's for a bit.

TERRY: Ah I see for training no doubt.

ANDY: Of course! Brother... Terry! When I'm good enough I'll come back and I'll beat you!

TERRY: Relax. I'm shore you'll get your chance.


TERRY: That was the bell for class I guess you guys had better go.

MAI: Aw that's too bad we rarely see each other like this.

ANDY: You take care Terry.

TERRY: Alright.

ANDY: Brother...

MAI & ANDY: *Exit*


TERRY: *takes hat off & throws it* OK! Image hosting by Photobucket


Lemmie know what you guys thought of that. (^_^)

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