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((Ok, I'm gonna try. This got to be a bit longer than I expected it to be.))

Duzzel laid out his uniform for tomorrow on his bed, his long silver hair fluttering in the wind from the window he had left open. Tomorrow would bring many changes for him. It would be the first time he would be going to a coed school. Before now, his parents had always placed him in the upstanding all boys’ schools that he had to board at because they were farther than a daily commute would allow. He had never liked them much, though the teaching was wonderful and he always had full scholarships because of his good grades. He'd actually never had a problem being there until a few years ago. He doesn't like them anymore because the first day every year, he now gets hit on simply because he had long hair and looked pretty. Well, he put them in their place fast enough and the rest of the year was fine, until the next year when new students would come in and the process would start all over again. He couldn’t help it if he had a pretty face and he liked his hair to be long. Well, after the last fight, his parents had thankfully decided that a coed school might be better for him, and so when the schools merged, his parents kept him there. It was about time.

Duzzel was looking forward to going to school tomorrow for another reason. Duzzel already knew someone at the school. Her name was Nastumi and she was a childhood friend that would play with him during vacations when they were little, even though she was a year older. The two were practically inseparable until Duzzel had to go away to school again. Though they had grown into teenagers, the friendship between them remained. She was nice and always made the space around him feel livelier. She never seemed to mind his quietness either, which he greatly appreciated.

A knock sounded at his door and Duzzel turned to face his mother. “Duzzel, dinner is ready.”

“I’ll be right there.” He answered and his mother went back to the dining room. Duzzel was about to leave his room, when he felt another breeze through the window, which was accompanied by a light thud. Duzzel turned around to see his black cat, Ishtar looking up at him form where she had landed on the floor. Duzzel closed the window and bent down to pet her. “I don’t know what trouble you made while out, but I won’t be blamed for it.” Ishtar’s only response was to purr and look innocently up at Duzzel, who did not buy the act. Duzzel rose to his feet and went to eat dinner.


Duzzel is 16 with long silver hair and red eyes. He is tall and thin, but he is strong in the way only thin men can be (how the hell do they do this?). His fav color is black and his fav animal is the cat, though if you asked him about it, he would say he hates cats for all the trouble Ishtar gives him. His parents both live with him and work very hard. His father is a successful businessman and his mother works in a shop that sells kimonos and other traditional attire. You’ll never see any hugs or warmth between them, but the love is there and strong and if you happen to witness it, it will leave you surprised.
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