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Good Luck!

Image hosting by PhotobucketRP Origins RP Story

Wolves travel in packs, but I travel alone. My name is Terry Bogard. My people reffer to me as the legendary lone wolf. I was born on March 15th my birthplace is USA. My height is 6'0" my weight is 170 Ibs. My blood type is "O". For hobbies I like to play video games and basketball. My favorite meal is my good friend Rock's custom-made clubhouse sandwich. As for personal treasures, I consider my fathers (Jeff Bogard's) fighting gloves as a keepsake.

My past...

I am a traveler as well as a martial artist. I compete in competition and train my body to be at it's best. It's been over 6 years since I won the King Of Fighters Tournament. The King Of Fighters is the center of all martial arts tournaments. It is well known for it's style, presentation, and charismatic characters. Currently I have no plans to come back this year. Alot of bad memory's came of my first year in competing. Around the time I found out about the King Of Fighters (AKA KOF). My father died. He was killed by a man named Geese Howard. Geese is a wealthy business man that gains, money and power through his dirty dealings in the KOF tournament. Geese trained under the same master as my father. Master Tong.

My father was the only one who stood a match for Geese at the time. Master Tong had a technique that he never showed Geese but instead showed my father. This being because Geese was too aggressive and was unable to calm his mined. Knowing this Geese turned his back on his master and entered a world of gun smuggling and crime. While father stayed and trained with Master Tong.

Both Geese and my father were the strongest fighters in the world. Geese knew my father was a threat to him fighting wise. Geese wanted to be the only student with the techniques of Master Tongs training. That being his goal he challenged my father to a fight and murdered him with his bare hands! Behind my father left two boys... Me and my brother Andy Bogard. To describe Andy he doesn't talk much, he is usually to himself. However he would open up when it comes to his master but me and Andy rarely have a cause for speaking because he's so different from me.

Andy is also a more ruthless fighter then I am. We we're both heart broken by our fathers death and sworn revenge on Geese Howard. Me and Andy began training under our fathers teacher. Master Tong. He trained us until we were strong enough to take on Geese. Later on when we found out Geese was behind the KOF tournament we entered as participants. While there we met two people. One being a friend. He was a thai kick-boxer who called himself Joe Higashi.

To describe him he's like a womanizing, spotlight-hogging, pain in the ass! but Joe is a good man at heart. Joe helped me and Andy out on our quest to find Geese. The other person we met was a girl named Lily...

Image hosting by Photobucket

She worked for Geese but was way too in over her head to break away. I felt sorry for her... So we talked. Once we opened up to one another we then fell in love. She soothed the pain of me loosing my father and for a time showed me happiness.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Geese found out about this and killed Lily with his deadliest technique the "Violent Wave, Reppukkan". Shortly after Lily died. Geese ordered his men to kill his former master, Master Tong. Master Tong knew their intent and struggled to fight on but in the end he too met death by Geese's hand. Before Tong died he managed to teach me his most deadliest technique. The "Hurricane Punch". Then after that with revenge in our hearts. My brother Andy, friend Joe, and I, went to Geese's hide-out and challenged Geese and his men.

Andy and Joe got worn out from the battle so I took on Geese by myself and beat him. Using the technique I learned, the "Hurricane Punch". After Geese's defeat I morned over the loss of my beloved Lily, Master Tong, and father.

I met another girl her name was Sulia but I didn't wanna fall in love because I was afraid she might die too from my bad carma but she didn't let that stop her from getting in my heart. Although Sulia had a brother named Laocorn, who's ambitions were mis-guided. Laocorn wanted to dominate the Earth by finding the most deadliest fighting armor around. This armor can turn you into a fighting god if your pure but if you are impure with evil in your heart it can also turn your soul black. Not knowing this Laocorn got a hold of the armor and became obsessed with evil. I managed to defeat him however my new found love also suffered a death. Sulia was killed during battle.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Ever since then I've been a broken man and afraid to fall in love again. I shouldn't but if I do fall for someone again then the women in love with me will end up dying just like Lily & Sulia. But because I am no longer able to fall in love I suffer so much.

After the battle with Laocorn my friend Joe Higashi went back to being a kick-boxer, my brother Andy found a love interest in a young ninja. Her name was Mai Shiranui. To describe her personality she is a bit sassy, yet strong-minded. Andy and her became an item. Andy is currently in training I haven't heard from him or Mai in awhile.

My present...

Along my quest I guess I had stopped entering the KOF tournaments to concentrate more on training and my personal life. Since I travel, my journey's eventually brought me to Japan. Heh... not my first time being here I came in hopes of finding Andy and Mai, not for anything important but for all our hardships I figure we get together and have a reunion to celebrate our accomplishments just to take our minds off the negativity that was in our past. Back then I never was there for Andy often I want to make up for that.

I also wanna see how Mai is doing. Anyway I currently don't have a home or anything because I plan on camping out. To pay for food and things I gotta job working at this school. "Moonlight High School" it was a weird name but I applied for a job there and the next day they hired me which is a lucky break in my case.

I found out the school doesn't have Gym. Do to certain complications. I dunno, whether the staff is short handed, or what have you. But I thought about the kids and for this schools requirements they need a gym credit to pass. So I thought I'd help out by being on the staff. I managed to acquire a class there where I can give out Gym credit. I'll admit though teaching isn't really my thing but I am always open to trying out new experiences. Although the kids may receive a gym credit for my class... My class is not a gym class, it is a martial arts class. Since it is physical activity I had a word with the school's planning comity and they voted it to be a good idea.

This class teaches a specific style that my father passed down to me and that style is Jeff's Rumbling, Brawling Arts. I can't wait to get to class. Welp best to get going... New experiences await me. Although I'm doing this job I must not forget Andy. I'll find you Andy... where ever you are!

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