April 12th, 2006

John Lennon

I'm new ^_^

For a unwanted couple I'd have to choose is Inuyasha and Sango.......If its aloud to choose ones that are not on the list for ones not taken...... please and thank you...Oh yea and the Single person I pick is Kagome Still love her ^_-*
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first actual proper entry...here goes

Hatsumi awoke to find herself alone in her room. Her sister, Akane had obviously woken up much earlier...or had she even come home last night?

Mom had said Akane could go that party as long as she did extra chores throughout the next week or so.

Hatsumi rolled over and patted around her bedside table to find her watch, her hazy vision focusing on it's face only to discover it was well past lunchtime.
Almost yelping in alarm she threw back the subtle pink cover and threw herself out of bed.

"Oh i'm going to be sooo late!" She whinned, throwing off her light blue PJ's decorated with the slogan HG on the pockets in a darker blue, she rumaged through her drawers and wardrobe for something half decent to wear.

"Shinogu will be so mad if I'm late..." She threw out a cream baggy sweater from her lowest drawer, shortly followed by an almost knee length khaki coloured skirt with a sort of frill around the bottom and long comfy socks in cream to match the jumper. Now she just needed a smaller top to wear under the sweater incase it got too warm. Ah-ha, the cute plain-coloured light pink vest top she purchased last week but hadn't known what to wear it with yet.

She threw on her outfit and pulled on her usual coat, combing her hair through quickly as she dashed out the door calling behind her:
"Bye mom, I'm off to Shinogus. I'll be back tonight."

"That's strange." Hatsumis mother pondered, "Shinugo never mentioned he was meeting up with Hatsumi today."


Hatsumi neared Shinogus...Collapse )