Lizzie (bizzi_izzy) wrote in unwanted_couple,

Mod post

Okay! so this is kinda going slow, I need more ppl to get into this! so now there will be a chat room! it will be called Moonlight. once your there you just interact with chara's and have fun. later if we get more ppl for the rp we'll have more chats for things such as classes and stuff like that. so anyway here's how u get there

1. you add your screenname to your buddy list and u click on it.
2. as your screenname is highlighted you click the icon that says "Chat"
3. you'll see a gray box pop up and it says "Chat *huge number*" delete that and type "Moonlight"

and your in! hope it will get things working and you'll just have fun! and tell more people about our roleplay cuz we need more ppl!

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